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If you are an avid vaper, you will be delighted to know about www.1alternative.co.uk, the best supplier of e-liquids, e-cigarettes and modern vaping gadgets, and a variety of high quality accessories for e-cigarettes. We have close associations with e-liquids and e-cig manufacturers worldwide, and we customize the e-cigarettes to match our customers. We have over 600 flavors of e-juice along with several products customized for advanced and new users. We have the highest quality vape products such as modern premium e-liquids, modern box mods and sub-ohm tanks. We have all the products needed for vaping. 

Our Products

Vape Kits

You may be a beginner and have no idea where to start. This is the first vaping stage. We have several high quality e-cigarette kits. We manufacture and produce e-cigarette kits with all the products needed by beginners, such as tanks, batteries, e-liquid and chargers. You can check out e-cigarette reviews and see why we are the best.

Beginner E-Cigarette Kits

You have now just been introduced to e-cigarettes and had hopes that you will be welcomed with the best kits, and you got exactly that. We have several high quality kits for beginners; a charger, battery, clearomizer and e-liquid and vaping tutorials. This is the best way to start. You can find a double battery if your vape kit needs more power. 

Disposable e-cigarettes

They are the easiest to use and have the lowest strength. They are also cheap.


They are suitable for beginners. They are easy to use and the size is familiar for beginners.

Electronic Cigars

The taste and looks are realistic. Get one today and confirm that yourself.

Vape Pens

They are suitable for intermediate and heavy smokers. They can be refilled, and offer the satisfaction needed by smokers.

Intermediate Vape Kits

For the best production of vape and flavor, use our intermediate vape kits. We have a number of the best quality advanced vape kits from the highest quality producers of vaping products in the world. You are guaranteed of quality when you buy e-cigarettes from 1alternative.

Vape Tanks

The best way to have a good vape is through the use of vape tanks, which are also referred to as clearomizers.  The core part of the vaping process is in the tanks for storing e-liquids. You will find several types of tanks, which all serve different purposes. Some tanks are good for producing a lot of vapor; some are good for production of flavor while some are known for being easy to use. We have a large variety of the most loved and highest quality in the e-cigarette market. There are tanks appropriate for advanced users and there are even those for beginner users.

E-Cigarette Mods


You probably already know good mods are from the research you have done. Mods are not meant for moderate e-cigarette users. Rather, they are meant for those who are veterans in e-cigarette smoking, as they are usually in need of the best taste or flavor and greatest production of vapor. Mods are quite high-tech and offer incomparable taste. We offer a great variety of high quality mods, so you can find your most suitable mod here.


This is the product we like and are all familiar with. With its great flavors and great smells, we cannot get enough. Its taste is probably the main thing where vaping is concerned, and since taste is quite subjective, we thought to ourselves; why not give everything a try?  We have everything; sweet, tobacco and fruit, in virtually all the types you can think of. We manufacture and produce our own e-liquid, and we try our very best to search the world for the best and the most popular e-liquid. We provide more than 600 different e-juice ranges at the moment, and there is much more for us to produce. Therefore, you can be sure of getting anything from us, regardless of the kind of vaping needs you may have.


Replacement Atomizer heads or coils are meant to be used along with the e-cigarette tank you have chosen. We produce a large number of resistance types meant for all the best types of e-cigarette tanks; such as the sub-ohm coils with the most strength as well as standard coils. We have the best choice of coils to suit different needs, so you are assured of getting your most preferred one here.


You have found you favorite device for vaping, so why not find yourself some high quality accessories? You can change it from really good to exquisite. Some accessories are of great importance, such as adapters and battery chargers, but there are also those that are meant to make your e-cigarette look classier, such as carry cases, Drip tips and extension caps. Here, you are assured of getting the best and most beautiful accessories for your e-cigarette kit.

There are endless online resources giving you tips on what to look for when buying e-cigarettes. For more information on electronic cigarettes, you can always check out other websites dedicated to vaping.


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