How to Quit Smoking Using Electronic Cigarettes

Switching from regular cigarettes to electronic ones has many advantages, as you probably already know. You can save a lot of money as well as reduce the risk of dying young, since you will not be consuming as much toxins as you consume from regular cigarettes.

You will be too occupied to snack and eat a lot, something that most people who quit smoking complain of. They end up adding weight. Using electronic cigarettes will spare you the huge appetite since you are still consuming nicotine.

This way of quitting smoking takes time, and it is hard. It may take at least 4-5 months. For most people, it takes a year. Avoid the nicotine gradually to prevent your body from noticing its absence. Quitting fast may have many bad effects. Electronic cigarettes will satisfy your nicotine cravings, and you can start with cheap electronic cigarettes.

There are four steps you need to follow if you want to quit your smoking habits:

Step One: Declare That You Quit!

Deciding to quit is undeniably a difficult task. You need to find the electronic cigarette that you suitable for you. You can view our website to know the available electronic cigarettes from which you can make your choice.

You need to decide to quite the moment you begin to use your new anti-addiction cigarette. You will have a harder time quitting if you use the electronic cigarette with the ordinary cigarette. We know this from our difficult experiences. You can have all your questions answered by the numerous online resources.

For moderate smokers, the best e-cigarettes are those with high-strength cartridges or e-liquids. For heavy smokers, the best option is the ones with the most strength, while for social smokers; light e-cigarettes are the best. We will look at the case of a moderate smoker who takes 20 cigarettes daily.

You will begin by using high strength cartridges or e-liquid. They will help you switch from regular cigarettes to the electronic kind; you will smoke them for quite a while. We typically recommend 8 weeks, but you can continue to take them if you do not feel ready. You can also stop using them if you are comfortable before the 8 weeks. Keep in mind that you are trying to quit gradually; this process cannot be done within a week.

After using these cigarettes for some weeks, you can move to the next step.

Step Two: Move Down

The second step of fighting your cigarette addiction involves moving down to a moderate strength electronic cigarette. You can use it for between 6 and 8 weeks. After this stage, you can move down again. At this stage, you should try to reduce the number of times you use your electronic cigarette. For example, you can intentionally leave it in the house for a while. Do this gradually, but try to be less dependent on the e-cigarette. After all, you will one day quit using it completely.

Step Three: Extremely Low!

This stage is scary for most smokers. This is because here, you are required to drop down to a lower level of nicotine intake. At this point, your medium strength electronic cigarette moves to low-strength nicotine. It also involves reducing your dependence on your electronic cigarette.

This step is usually the shortest with e-cigs, you can ask others who use them. This is because you are already done with the difficult part of your journey. You are now using the very least amount of nicotine. Even though you are about to move to the stage where you use no nicotine at all, you will not be too scared.

Step Four: Move to ZERO!

At this stage, you move down from your low-strength cigarette to none at all. In a short time, you will be completely nicotine free. Being at this stage means you are about to complete your difficult journey.

The moment you are able to live on cartridges and e-liquids with no nicotine at all, you are close to the end of your cigarette-quitting journey. You will experience a placebo-effect once you begin to puff away your electronic cigarette. This step will be of great help to you psychologically.

In case you are tempted to smoke a cigarette you can look for an electronic cigarette with zero nicotine and use it. I know of many cases where those who try quitting cigarette smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes find themselves going back to their old habit at some point.

 Most of them relapsed because they had given away their electronic cigarettes, so they no longer had something to run to when they had cravings for regular cigarettes. For example, there was a car accident, which made one of the victims go back to cigarette smoking. The victim had only taken out his electronic cigarette from his glove cabinet the previous day. You can get more information on how to use e-cigarettes.


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