Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking, to say the least, is a big menace. Studies across the world compare addiction to cigarettes as nothing less than addiction to Heroine or any such illicit drug. But unlike addiction to illicit drugs, smoking addiction is often not considered to be very serious. Smoking is a very common addiction in the world. But the major problem here is not the addiction but the attitude of the smokers towards their addiction. Most smokers are often under a 'denial' mode when it comes to accepting the harmful effects smoking can have on their health. They feel that smoking won't be as dangerous as it is projected to be. But that is not true. SMOKING CAN BE FATAL!

Smoking can have adverse health effects for the smoker. While there are many smokers who want to quit their addiction, they almost always give up on the idea as smoking is very addictive. Many people give several attempts to quit smoking but end up going back to their habit. It needs to be understood here that it is not just tobacco that keeps the smokers addictive; many people are addicted to the whole experience of smoking. Holding a sleek cigarette and taking puffs gives them a high. For such people, quitting smoking is even more difficult. Quit smoking aids like patches and nicotine-gums don’t usually work for them. In this regard, an alternative smoking device can be an ideal option. And, that alternative smoking device is the electronic cigarette.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes which are commonly known as e-cigs are alternative smoking devices that are considered to be healthier and less harmful than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are very similar to the traditional cigarettes in their appearance and some variants also create a vapour that is similar to the smoke that is emitted from the traditional cigarettes. But the similarity ends here. These electronic smoking devices do not contain any tobacco that is the most important component of the traditional cigarettes. Tobacco is the main culprit that is responsible for adverse health impact on the smoker. Tobacco gets accumulated in the form of tar in the lungs and can cause serious ailments including various forms of cancers. As the e-cigs do not contain any tobacco, a lot of health related risks are eliminated.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

So, how do electronic cigarettes work if they don't contain tobacco? These e-cigs contain nicotine which replaces tobacco along with some flavours too. Nicotine has the ability to satisfy the urge of the smokers. It is similar to tobacco in this regard but it does not contain the harmful effects of tobacco. The electronic cigarettes come with a cartridge that is either disposable or refillable depending upon the kind of e-cig you prefer. The cartridge contains liquid nicotine. When the user inhales through the e-cig, a small battery powered atomizer releases a little amount of nicotine and converts it into vapour. The vapour gives the user an instant-throat hit that is associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. In certain models of best e-cigs, there is a small LED light at the far end of the e-cig which lights up when the user inhales. This again simulates the same feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

Say No to tobacco with electronic cigarettes!

Nicotine replaces tobacco in the e-cigs making the smokers switch to a healthier alternative. However, that is not the end of it. E-cigs can be quite helpful is quitting smoking completely. While nicotine is addictive too, the user actually has a choice to slowly reduce nicotine content and move to a point when he smokes his e-cig without any nicotine too. That's when the body of the smoker gets used to not having tobacco or nicotine and he will no longer feel the urge to smoke. Reducing nicotine content is easily possible as the nicotine cartridges are available in varying nicotine strengths. A smoker who has just switched to the best electronic cigarette from the traditional cigarettes can initially use the high-strength nicotine cartridges and gradually reduce the nicotine intake.

What are the common benefits of using the electronic cigarettes?

There are various benefits of e-cigs. The first thing is that these smoking devices are socially acceptable. This means that you won't have to go to a smoking zone to satisfy your urge to smoke. As there is no smoke, there is no question of spreading the ill effects of passive smoking around. Hence, people can smoke their e-cigs in social gatherings, workplaces, hospitals, etc.

The health benefit is always there with the e-cig as there is no tobacco but with the option o reduce the nicotine intake, the e-cig users can actually quit smoking completely. You can buy e-cigs very easily online too!

The e-cigs are less expensive when compared to the traditional cigarettes. You can fine various cheap e-cigs which can be just as good as the real cigarettes. Also, one nicotine cartridge lasts long enough so you won't have to spend often for enjoying a smoke!


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