The Beginners Guide to Choosing the First Starter Pack

Getting started on vaping is one of the hardest aspects of using electronic cigarettes. There has to be countless questions running through your mind when trying to decide which starter kit best suits your needs.  As you navigate through the murky waters of the endless tips and information on how to take your pick, here is a simple beginners guide on the essentials of the perfect starter kit.

Starter kits are available in all manner of variations to suit the different tastes and preferences of vapers. Therefore, when considering buying a kit, keep the following in mind.

Your budget

Your daily nicotine intake

Your preferred accessories

Your preferred vaping zone

Your preferred flavors

If you are just starting, you may not be familiar with the different variations in terms of e-liquid strength and flavors. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the unflavored e-liquids and experiment with small amounts of flavored ones until you find the one you like best.  It is also important to shop only from legal suppliers.

Components of a basic starter kit

IT is important to note that the components of starter packs vary. However, there are the basic components that are constant in all kits. The accessories can be added accordingly depending on preferences but the basic components include:

A manual

An e-cig battery

A few cartridges


Exploring the common starter kits in the market today

The Basic e-cig starter kit

This is the simplest option for those who are exploring options to transition to vaping in your quest for health and wellness. Though there’s hardly anything basic about it, this kit contains all you need to be introduced to the world of vaping without breaking a bank. Let’s take a peek into the contents.

1 or 2 batteries (high capacity and standard one depending on the supplier)

 Nicotine cartridges (up to 5, each represents 1 pack of cigarettes)

You can decide to take plain nicotine or a range of flavors depending on your preferences

Portable wall charger (and a USB charger)

A copy of owner’s manual

This is the best kit for those who are just starting and are not sure whether they’ll like vaping or not. It is one of the best cheap electronic cigarette starter packs in the market today.

The Pro Pack

This is a slight improvement from the basic pack and includes an additional e-cigarette for those who prefer non-top vaping. It is highly recommended for moderate smokers as it is flexible and goes for a good price.  this pack, in addition to all other accessories included in the basic kit, you get a car charging adapter, an additional 5 cartridges to make 10 and an e-cigarette you can use anywhere even in the office or outdoors. 

Some pro-packs come with an additional high capacity battery (manual or automatic), a charging case for those times you are on the go and a protective carrying case. The pack may also have additional cartridges and chargers. You can also buy any other accessory separately if you so wish.

The Couples kits

One of the greatest joys of having a good thing is sharing it with someone special. That is what the Couples kit offers. It comprises of double the components of the basic kit at a discounted price. This is the perfect pack for those who like sharing; be it with a friend, relative or even spouse.

The Couples Kit comes with 4 batteries (2 standard and 2 high capacity depending on the supplier), 2 wall chargers, 2 car charger adapters, 2 USB chargers, user manuals and 10 cartridges. Depending on the supplier, you might get a lot more accessories.

Quick pointers

A standard battery is about 650mAh, which can last the whole day with low or moderate vaping. However, for heavy vaping, a bigger battery will be required to complete the day without charging. The battery can be 900mAh or 1100mAh. If you do not have the high capacity battery, you can always get a secondary one to complete the day.

If you are constantly on the go and never really settle at home to vape, you might require a car charger in addition to the wall charger. This will help you keep your e-cigarette ready anytime you need it. If you want to vape at work too, you will need the USB charger.

It is important to ensure that you have your device charged all the time to avoid the temptations of slipping back to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Be careful not to use chargers that are not made specifically for that device. This can not only destroy the device, it can also be potentially dangerous.

Parting shot

The market is flooded with variations of e-cigarette starter packs to suit the varying preferences of smokers. It is therefore important to know the basics and what to expect as well as what you’ll need so as to get yourself the best.



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