Where are electronic cigarettes allowed?

The E-Cig and Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have got extremely famous in recent times and all of it is down to the fact that people now know the difference between the e-cigs and the traditional cigarettes. When the electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the market, a lot of people took them to be another kind of tobacco cigarette as they looked extremely similar to the tobacco cigarettes. However, as the manufacturers have marketed their products and research has shown how different both the kinds of cigarettes are, the people have started to prefer electronic cigarettes to their traditional counterparts.

The electronic cigarettes and the traditional cigarettes only have two things in common and they are that they both produce smoke and that they both look similar in appearance. However, while they seem the same and produce a similar smoke in appearance, they are as different as day and night. The electronic cigarette appears similar to the tobacco cigarette but it consists of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery and the three constituents combine to form the e-cig. Similarly, the electronic cigarette’s smoke appears similar to that of the tobacco cigarette but it is produced by vaporizing liquid nicotine present in the cartridge through the atomizer as compared to the tar and chemical toxin laden smoke produced by the tobacco cigarettes through the burning of tobacco. To find out more, click here.

Since they are different in appearance and in the way they function, the electronic cigarettes don’t share the disadvantages of the tobacco cigarettes either. They are not harmful for the smokers as the smoke doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals and toxins as it only contains nicotine while the smoke isn’t harmful for other individuals as well and thus, people all around an e-smoker can sit in comfort knowing that the vapour in the air won’t cause them lung cancer.  There is no odor with the smoke produced by the electronic cigarette as the smoke isn’t produced as a result of burning. This makes the electronic cigarette better than tobacco cigarettes in that sense as well as the smoker won’t have to deal with bad breath while people around the smoker won’t have to deal with the odor either.

Seeing that electronic cigarettes are so different from tobacco cigarettes, their stock has risen with one and all as smokers and non-smokers both want to try the flavoured e-cigarettes which offer a richer taste without any side-effects. As the electronic cigarettes have sold a lot, they are now seen at public places a lot more. However, this begs the question of where can they be used?

What the Law Says?

So, what does the law say on this matter? The simple answer to this is that the law says nothing about electronic cigarettes and when the law stays quiet, it means that you are not prohibited to vape anywhere. You can vape anywhere you want according to the law of the land. However, while the law stands silent, it also gives the right to the people who own a place to not allow whatever they don’t like. This means that if a bar owner doesn’t like electronic cigarettes or if he feels that the people in the bar may feel uncomfortable with an electronic cigarette around them, he can ban the use of e-cigarettes.

So, while the electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere and everywhere, it remains on the discretion of owners to decide whether you can smoke an e-cigarette in their place or not. While a lot of people know about electronic cigarettes and know that they aren’t harmful, the fact that these e-cigarettes look similar to tobacco cigarettes remains an issue as a lot of the public mistakes the e-cigs for tobacco cigarettes as well. It is for this reason that the electronic cigarettes are actually banned in a lot of places i.e. not because they are harmful but because they look like tobacco cigarettes and make other people uncomfortable. The usual places where you won’t be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes normally are:
•    Airplanes
•    University campuses
•    Restaurants
•    Movie theatres

While there isn’t any rule regarding the smoking of electronic cigarettes in workplaces or even malls, it remains a good idea to ask whether you would need to use the smoker’s lounge for smoking an e-cigarette or whether you can smoke wherever you like. Mostly, once you explain that e-cigs are safe and explained that the e-cig aren't harmful for the environment, that the smoke doesn’t have any side-effects, most owners of places would allow you to smoke wherever you like. The only thing would be to ask for their approval before you start to vape.


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