Geoffrey Valetta was in the audience at a London concert last year when Keith Richards lit up a cigarette on stage, but the area was a non-smoking zone. Feeling inspired, Mr. Valetta, a longtime chain smoker, reached into his pocket to pull out one out himself. People seated around him stared as he inhaled. He was smoking an electronic cigarette, a look-alike that provides the shot of nicotine by combusting tobacco and produces a vapour, but no smoke. Such is the advancement of technology that the traditional cigarettes have given way to the tech-oriented e-cigarettes.

Basically electronic cigarettes are electronic vaporizing devices with electronic nicotine delivery system in an electronic inhaler designed to stimulate and substitute the traditional tobacco smoking. Generally a heating element is used to vaporize the liquid solution which might be either nicotine or merely a flavored vapour. The electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble cigarettes or cigars.


Electronic cigarettes are relatively less hazardous as compared to traditional cigarettes as they do not burn the tobacco, but still release nicotine, thus being more eco-friendly. Moreover the people around does not get disturbed and is of great relief for non-smokers. The electronic system of smoking has been found to be less toxic. The electronic cigarettes can be obtained in various shapes and is constituted of a LED light cover, a battery along with circuitry, an atomizer which is actually the heating element and a cartridge which serves as the mouthpiece. Most devices derive its power from rechargeable batteries.

The liquid in the electronic cigarettes, commonly termed as e-juice is a mixture of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and/or polyethylene glycol 400 with either concentrated flavour or variable concentration of nicotine. The solutions are sold in bottles or disposable cartridges and can be refilled.


The sales of electronic cigarettes have risen dramatically in recent years, from about 50,000 in 2008 to 3.5 million in 2012. The demand has been more as people has become more technology oriented. Some renowned electronic cigarette companies include White Cloud, Green Smoke, EZ cigarette, The Safe Cig, Halo Cig, Smoke Tip, Amerismoke, Maya, Jet, E-Lites, Vapor King, and esmoke. Electronic cigarettes have become so popular that some tobacco companies are on the track to hire e-cigarette manufacturers to boost up their business. They earliest electronic cigarette was probably presented by Herbert A. Gilbert, in 1963 produced a device to be a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette which replaced burning tobacco with heated, moist, flavoured  air. But this was commercially accepted only in 1967.


Electronic cigarettes are relatively cheap as compared to traditional cigarettes as a packet of twenty cigarettes costs $7.99 whereas for electronic cigarettes, refilling costs $3 or $4.


Moreover electronic cigarettes are eco friendly and no not pollute the environment. But prolonged use might also lead to cancer. Due to lack of research, whether electronic cigarettes actually help smokers to quit smoking is not known exactly, but is definitely a better healthy habit. The smoking of electronic cigarettes has been approved almost in all countries, and even imports are authorized. This is a good way to do away with nicotine addiction.




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